Un-Conference 2011

Day 1…

1.  At the end of the Jam weekend, what should the end product be?  (How far should groups take the design idea?)

“Imagine you are leaving the country; make a kit for someone to start this service” – Adam & Markus

2.  How do we bring other communities into the Jam?  What would they gain?

definition other communities: non-designers, business people, universities, public service, political figures, students, retired individuals, etc

3.  Is the thrill of having a secret theme worth limiting global communication amongst Jam Locations?

In 2011, the theme of the Jam was kept very secret until local organizers revealed it at their location’s kickoff.

Pros:  The anticipation was extremely exciting!  No one could come to the Jam with already-determined ideas.
Con:  Participants couldn’t be very specific on sites like Twitter (crucial to global networking.)  They even had to keep their precious Post-It Note photos under wraps!

What are other Pros/Cons?

4.  Some potential Global Service Jam sponsors are willing to donate if the theme is related to their own industry.  Thoughts?


5.  Make a Stakeholder Map of the Global Service Jam: Create Personas for selected people from the Stakeholder Map
6.  Create a TOC (table of contents) for the official “Awesome Jam Local Organizer’s Kit”
7.  How should the future upload process work?
2 Responses to “Un-Conference 2011”
  1. Thanks for your hard work, ladies. Your input gave us a great boost this morning, and a head start into the day. 🙂

  2. I spy a world travelling monkey!

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