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Preserve, celebrate and share your culture. View our project page, and don’t forget to browse the dropbox folders! Lawrence jammers had a blast. Thanks for your support!

Sunday Night After Party !!!

Sunday Crunch Time

Saturday: Breakfast, Role Playing & Storyboarding

Friday Night: Kickoff Party

Watch the Opening Video! (secret theme included)

Check out the video that kicked-off the weekend…and revealed the top-secret theme!  Jams were asked not to share the theme online until after all timezones had caught up.  Keep an eye out for appearances from a couple Service Design Celebs!

Register today to join us all weekend: March 11-13, 2011.

Adam Lawrence, Co-founder of Global Service Jam, Nuremberg, Germany says “People interested in service and customer experience will meet at locations all over the globe. They will be designers, students, academics, business people, and customers. In a spirit of experimentation, innovation, co-operation and friendly competition, teams will have less than 48 hours to develop and … Continue reading

RentAThing: “Reputation as currency”

From “Reputation as currency”  via Service Design Tools. RentAThing is a tool for negotiation that provides additional information about the reputation of the parties involved and enables smoother transactions. Instead of silos of reputation, with various services, companies, and individuals developing isolated reputations,RentAThing provides a centralized means of managing and developing a single reputation: yourreputation. As you go through … Continue reading

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