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Meredith welcomes Jammers.

Un-Conference 2011

Day 1… 1.  At the end of the Jam weekend, what should the end product be?  (How far should groups take the design idea?) “Imagine you are leaving the country; make a kit for someone to start this service” – Adam & Markus 2.  How do we bring other communities into the Jam?  What would … Continue reading

Meet Global Service Jam: Toronto.

Toronto was a part of the Global Service Jam Un-Conference via streaming/chat. Walk through their event in photos:  Toronto Service Jam. “It is pretty hard not to have fun talking about Superheroes and to come up with hundreds of stories, situations, businesses, projects and ideas framed around superheroes and villains. Villains are proactive, they are always … Continue reading

Global Service Jam Berlin 2011

Check out this 16 minute documentary from our friends in Berlin.  Thanks for creating a great recap and letting us in on your Jam!

Culture Hero!

Preserve, celebrate and share your culture. View our project page, and don’t forget to browse the dropbox folders! Lawrence jammers had a blast. Thanks for your support!

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